• Jay K.


    I was making nothing in the bank. However with your notes we are now earning solid returns each month. The ease of investing and being able to monitor all payments via the servicing company is great. It's fun to watch the payments come in each month.

  • Nick L.


    Took me a while to invest in trust deeds. However I bought one note and now we have over 15 thanks for your patience. I wouldn't invest in any other venture your clients are the best.

  • Michael C.


    Since 2007 we've been buying notes from Mark Reynolds at Trimark Funding. I consider us now friends and partners as we make money together. I know you have my back and we have referred many clients to you.

  • Tom B.


    I like the 1 year terms. I also like that you only loan to flippers since they are business people like myself.

Trust Deed Investing

Trust deed investing is still one of the safest investments you can make that also offers you a high return.

However. finding the choice investment in trust deeds can be a tedious job for the uninitiated. Successfully accomplishing it on your own can be difficult.

Let Trimark Funding manage your trust deed investment from loan origination to loan payoff.

Trimark Funding Inc. has experience in all lending situations and the trust developed by working with a very loyal group of experienced investor-borrowers who return for more funding time and time again after each project is successfully completed.

Trimark Funding, Inc. provides you with unique opportunities to invest in high-yield individual trust deeds secured by real estate.

Our investors are earning 12% annually!

Our available loans for sale include the following features to help control risk:

  • Lots of Equity - at least 30 - 40% of after repair value to offset potential declines in property value or to recover your investment.
  • 1st Trust Deeds Only - superior control in the event you need to recover your investment and exit.
  • Non-owner Occupied Properties Only - more options for protecting, controlling and retrieving your investment. We are funding other experienced investors only.
  • Rental Income - cash flow from income producing properties can help borrower maintain payments or help investor offset loss of monthly payments.
  • Background Checks – all new clients are reviewed.
  • Payment Checking– all monthly payments are monitored closely.
  • We typically do not post our available loans for sale because we have investors on standby so we fund quickly. For a preview of upcoming available loans for sale, call us toll free at 1-877-695-4900.