• Hector K.


    Mark, Brother, I feel like a formal "thank you" and recognition is due. You had a lender lined up for Milton. that lender backed out due to a minimal risk but you had a back up plan, another lender that literally funded within 24hrs of us reaching towards her. I am, as well as my realtor and escrow, very-very impressed. You are a heck of a pro-active and resourceful guy. Thanks a bunch! Milton is my 54th flip, lets do more!

  • Tony


    Dear Mark Thank you so much for helping me with the loans on Lomita & 6th Street. You are the best. With Many Thanks.

  • Gina Y.


    When I need financing Mark Reynolds at Trimark Funding is my first call. He will tell you what they can do in 20 minutes. Always spot on thanks for all your efforts.

  • Jennifer B.


    Mark works 24/7 I can always get a hold of him. It's like having a lender that's a partner.


Private Money Lending Simplified

Trimark Funding Inc. funds rehab loans to buy distressed properties for non-owner occupied homes, small residential rental units and small commercial units. Trimark funds all of California

  • No Fund Control for Repairs
  • No Junk Fees
  • No Income Verification
  • No Credit Fee
  • No FICO Scores
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • No Appraisal Needed

Trimark Funding Inc. can help you fund current or future acquisitions for:

  • REOs,
  • short sales,
  • real estate auctions,
  • trustee sales,
  • distressed properties, and
  • probate purchases


Rehab Loans | Bridge Loans | Flips | California | Investors Only

Trimark Funding provides rehab loans for non-owner occupied residential fixer-upper improvement projects in California.

Our client borrowers are experienced rehabbers who buy non-owner occupied properties at deep discount and repair them prior to reselling them at a profit, usually within 90 days to one year.

Fast Rehab Loans

A Trimark Funding loan is designed with the California rehab investor's financial goals in mind.

That means the funding process for rehab loans is fast and easy. One stop lending with one decision maker. No appraisal or credit report is needed.

In fact, this simple funding process enables you to close in as little as 4 to 5 days.

You will appreciate a steady, reliable source of rehab and bridge loans for your rehab property purchases and flips.

Remember: “We don’t want to fund one loan for you; we want to fund all your rehab projects!”

Cash Out for Project Rehab Repairs

Same Day Pre-Approvals

We have the solution for some of the basic financing obstacles everyone faces.

For example, you need funds to purchase a distressed property you found. To add immediate value to your real estate investment, you probably need to make repairs and improvements before you sell it again. We fund 80% to 90% of purchase price so you can then fund your rehab project.

However, like many rehabbers, you may find yourself short on funds to complete the repair work. If you borrowed a portion of the price to buy the property, it may be difficult to find someone to take back a second mortgage.

Our lenders can provide short-term bridge loans to close the gap.

Experienced Rehabbers Reveal Their Secret

Same Day Pre-Approvals

Seasoned rehabbers understand the importance of securing timely financing for multiple projects and leveraging their investments.

Our successful clients leverage by using a portion of the funds for repairs and a portion to make down payments on additional properties.

After a down payment, they are eligible for another purchase financing. They create a continuous source of cash flow for down payment, funding, buying, fixing and selling properties.

3 Easy Steps to Fast Cash Back for Repairs & Deals

Trimark Funding has no limit on the number of properties you own. We also fund through escrow up to 90% of the purchase price.

Auction buyers, after you buy a distressed property, we can provide a majority of the purchase price back to you.

For most projects that leaves funds available for repairs and a down payment on another fixer-upper.

With that down payment, other members of the network can consider a request to fund the purchase of another bargain property.

The process is simple, fast and easy:


Contact us after you buy the property, or before, and we will start the process immediately. We will fund your current REO or short sale through escrow.


Next, we order a title report with our escrow company or we can use the current title and escrow applied for by the seller.


Finally, we order docs that you sign with our local notary, and we are done.

Mortgage Rates | Rehab/Bridge Loans

Rehab Loans for Purchases

  • Loan Amount: $100,000 to $3,000,000
  • Funding Time: 4 to 5 days
  • Term: 1 year
  • Points: 2 Broker's Points
  • No Junk Fees
  • Rate: 8-1/2 - 12%
  • Prepayment Penalty: None


  • Equity Required
  • 1st Mortgages Only
  • California Properties Only
  • Non-Owner Occupied Only
  • 20% Down Payment Required
  • Reasonable Ability to Make Payments
  • Realistic Project Exit Strategy Required
  • Individuals, Corporations, LLC's, and Partnerships Eligible

Many Types of California real estate including:

  • Single Family Residence
  • Non-Owner Occupied
  • Small Multi-Family (4 – 10 Units)
  • Small Commercial Properties